Things to do in Alleppey

Things to do in Alleppey

On your tour to Alleppey, there are lot of things to do in Alappuzha for your knowledge. Alappuzha attractions have no words to describe other than when only you feel it. Kerala is rich in its grand excellence. Additionally, nature has favored the state with tremendous widely varied vegetation. The custom, culture and history of the state additionally pull in individuals from everywhere throughout the world. Every tourists are in search of the unique things to do in Alleppey.

A huge number of vacationers are visiting our state each year. This has contributed a considerable measure to the development of the State’s tourism industry as it were. Alleppey tourist places are always in the bucket for a tourist on his Kerala tour. Places in Alleppey and things to do in alleppey boat house is equally likely considered by every one who wish to do a cruise in the backwaters of Alleppey.

Kasaragod, Kannur, Calicut, Wayanad, Thrissur, Cochin, Alleppey, Kumarakom, Kottayam, Idukki and Trivandrum are among the vacation spots however the rundown will really continue forever. Alleppey is one of the world popular vacation destinations in Kerala.

Honeymooners and adventurists cherish this place as it is continually flooding with excellence. Here are some of the must do things when you are here:

#1 Enjoying Beautiful Kerala Dishes and Sea Foods

Food and Travel are the energy of voyagers. It is evident for a food lover to experiment with the neighborhood cooking styles when they are in a new place.

Is it true that you are getting ready for an occasion? What’s more, would you say you are a foodie?

Pack your bags, We invite you to Kerala, also called the “God’s own country”. On the off chance that there is a heaven on earth then it is here in Kerala.

The quiet backwaters and Alleppey houseboat tour are not by any means the only fascination. Be that as it may, likewise, Alleppey is well known for its perfect foods. South Indian nourishment particularly Malayalee food has fans everywhere throughout the world. The uniqueness in its taste draws in foodies to Keralite style customary sustenance.

things to do in alleppey

You should give an attempt to both the veg and non-veg cooking styles as both have a model taste. Kerala sustenance is something that will make your taste buds insane and your stomach will hunger for additional.

While you pick the Boat house Alleppey journey, don’t pass up a major opportunity to taste these nourishment treats.

On the off chance that we begin making a list of the nourishment that one can’t miss,while in Kerala it will go on. However, we don’t need you to miss a major opportunity. People of Kerala are best foodies. You will understand their affection for food once you taste these enticing treats.

things to do in alleppey

#2 Cruise through Vembanad Lake and Canals

Vembanad Lake is the second biggest lake in India and the biggest lake in Kerala. This lake is also called Punnamada lake in Alleppey. The lake is home to numerous marine creatures and species. Vembanad lake is one of the prominent spot to visit in Alleppey houseboat. The lake comprises of a few little islands including Vypin, Mulavuyad, Willington Island, and some more. Consistently Nehru boat race is held in a piece of this lake. Nehru boat race is another very much regarded race in Kerala that used to happen amid rainstorm. It is a thrilling occasion that attract people from different places. Numerous travelers from various parts of the world used to come for this occasion.

things to do in alleppey

#3 Watch local village life

The village life is very little in Alappuzha but most of its villages are fishermen villages. All this makes Village tourism in Alleppey, a major highlight. You embark on a backwaters cruise on Vembanad Lake, Kerala’s biggest lake, sailing through, its several canals and river while enjoying the surrounding natural scenic beauty. A trip to the typical villages of Kerala while cruising through the backwaters is simply an amazing experience. Along with sightseeing, you get a chance to explore a number of fishermen and other villages including coir industry villages of Alleppey. Interact with the villagers, observe their daily activities, treat your eyes to the nature’s beauty and more. If you love bird watching, you get a chance to spot various tiny migratory and resident birds flying from here and there.

things to do in alleppey

#4 Sunbath in Upperdeck

Most of the tourists and foreigners love sunbath from the upperdeck of houseboat. So that you can feel sunbath by enjoying the beauty of Alappuzha backwaters.

things to do in alleppey

#5 Fishing after cruise.

Fishing can be done after your cruise. In some houseboats, they provide fishing tools other wise guest have to buy one. Its very cheap in rate. There are many areas for fishing. If you haven’t do it, you must have to try once.

things to do in alleppey

#6 Shikkara Cruise through canals

One who can’t afford houseboat rate and those who have only limited time to spent in Alleppey, they can go for Shikkara cruise. It is a small boat covered by bamboo sheets. Max of 6 can be sit in a shikkara boat. Price is comparatively less.

things to do in alleppey

#7 Ayurvedic Massaging evening

Their are many Ayurvedic centers in Alleppey. These centers are mostly for foreigners and tourists. There are many resorts in Alleppey which promise you to give the best ayurvedic therapies for rare and chronic illnesses. The spa massage starts from Rs.1000/- onwards and it can go up to Rs.5000/-.

things to do in alleppey

# 8 Early morning sunrise

If you haven’t seen any sunrise or sunset before, You can see it from the upperdeck of houseboat. Alleppey sightseeing from a houseboat will be a new experience for you.

things to do in alleppey

#9. Marari Beach

Stunning Marari beach is one of the best beaches owing to its natural beauty. Alleppey beach is perfect for many water sports games like motor boat cruise, surfing, para-sailing, swimming and diving. Beaches in Alleppey are one in the top list of places to visit in Alleppey.

things to do in Alleppey

#10. Krishnapuram palace

A major attraction of Krishnapuram palace is that it has one of the biggest mural paintings that can be found in all of Kerala. It is located in a very beautiful scenic place surrounded by gardens and trees.



things to do in alleppey

#11.Snake Boat Race

Boat race is the famous Onam festival in Kerala. Snake boat race will happens in the time of Aug-Sept. People around the world is waiting to watch the race festival. At that time the rate of houseboats will be double that of other days.

things to do in alleppey

#12. Kayaking on Backwaters

You can do Kayaking in the backwaters and canals of Alleppey. Only you want to know is how to use the tool to Kayak.

things to do in alleppey

You cant do all these things in one day. At least you have to spent your two days in Alleppey to explore as much as the places in Alleppey.

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