Kumarakom Backwaters

Kumarakom backwaters

Kerala is known for its panoramic backwater stretches, lush green paddy fields, highlands and beaches. Kottayam located at a distance of 76 kilometers from Kochi in Kerala, south India, is one of the most riveting backwater destinations in the state. A major backwater stretch lies in Kottayam district, where a network of rivers and canals empty into the great expanse of water called the Vembanad Lake. Located at Kumarakom 16 km from Kottayam town.

The place and its surroundings make for a beautiful tourist attraction with its vistas of green hills, mangrove forests and coconut groves interposed with waterways, offering excellent opportunities for Aqua Tourism. The Vembanad Lake, an enchanting picnic spot and a fast developing backwater tourism destination, offers boating, fishing and sight seeing experiences that are truly exhilarating. One can enjoy the rural sights, the abundant marine life, boat cruises and angling tours with the services and privileges offered by the innumerable tour operators and travel agencies in Kerala. Check the Kumarakom tourist places to complete your tour.

A pleasure trip to Vembanad Lake gives you an opportunity to explore the rich flora and fauna that is supported by this enchanting water world. The Vembanad Lake happens to be an important Aqua Tourism destination that entices tourists to its luxury picnic spots by the dozen. With the nearby Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary that is home to exotic water birds, a boat cruise at this breathtaking tourist attraction will leave you speechless with wonder and excitement.Houseboat Cruise in backwaters of Kerala is a unique and memorable experience . Kumarakom day trip houseboat package is very interesting and have a amazing trip on backwater. All safety measurement is their inside the kumarakom houseboat. Houseboats, Motorboats and Speedboats are available for Kumarakom and Alappuzha backwater cruising.

Kumarakom backwaters

Kumarakom is a serenely beautiful and scenic backwater destination, an overwhelming projection staying into the regularly frothing Vembanad Lake that is specked with a considerable measure of standard rice vessels and kayaks, leaving a scene that is colossally fulfilling to the eye. When nature is all you need to recuperate, Kumarakom India is undoubtedly one of the most invigorating and fascinating places to unwind in Kerala. The slender coconut palms standing here, there and everywhere, its never ending paddy fields, meandering lagoons and Kumarakom backwaters and mangroves with nestling birds of a hundred varieties will all serve to calm and inspire your mind.

Kumarakom Backwaters sleeps on the banks of the acclaimed Vembanad Lake. Kumarakom Holiday Packages are held in the Vembanad Lake with its grand waterways, streams and distributaries along its banks weave an unpredictable and enchantingly lovely web. The ravishing green of the bordered palms swell in the blue waters and mix into wavelets. The entire environment spells peace, joy and quietness.When hiring a Kumarakom backwater cruise, it is a good idea to spend some time exploring the nearby villages to get a sneak peek into the local lifestyle.

Kumarakom backwaters

The Kumarakom backwaters houses a variety of species of both flora and fauna. It’s rich in marine life especially the exclusive kumarakom karimeen or pearl spotted fish, konju or tiger prawns, njandu or crabs, chemmeen or prawns and many more. As and when the monsoon winds bring rain to the shores of Vembanad Lake, Kumarakom gets transformed into a rich fertile land. The streams and lagoons break their banks to nourish the shrubs that sprout from every available space. The place is renowned for its mangrove shores and the bird sanctuary.

Kumarakom on Lake Vembanad , with its unparalleled boating, fishing and sightseeing facilities, makes a picturesque holiday spot in the backwaters of Kerala. Tourists can take a cruise along the lake to catch glimpses of the birds. It is an ideal spot to spend the summer with ducks, cuckoos, Siberian storks, egrets, darters, herons and teals and many more rare and migratory birds. The ideally located Kumarakom is a picture perfect village and an attractive tourist destination.

Kumarakom is well-equipped with a range of luxury and budget resorts with unique leisure options like ayurveda massage, yoga, meditation, swimming, fishing and boating. The adventurous could indulge in water sports such as wind sailing and water skiing. You could even take a canoe out into the quiet lake, and armed with a fishing rod, catch your own supper. The local spring season emerges from August and coincides with the harvest festival of Onam when locals enjoy in festivities and tourism blooms.

The entire state of Kerala is blessed with plenty of rivers and the resources of many are still untapped. The waterways of Kerala play a main role in the economy of the state, links remote villages and islands with the main land. The water ways provide a cheap and economical mode of transport. It is an incredibly different experience to cruise in the backwaters in country boats, absorbing the beauty of Kerala villages. The scenery flashes up vivid contrasts of breath-taking greens and deep blues.

Boat rides, houseboat cruises and holiday packages are available for tourists at nominal rates. The serene lake comes alive during Onam with a spectacular water regatta-the snake boat races. It is indeed amazing to watch oarsmen, at least a hundred in one boat, slice their way through the waters to the rhythm of their own full throated singing.Kumarakom beach is one of the best places to visit in kumarakom. Kumarakom tourism had widespread all over the world. Alleppey to Kumarakom cruise is one of the best cruise in Kumarakom and Alleppey. Kumarakom boating tariff will be almost same of Alleppey cruises.

Kumarakom backwaters

Kumarakom is ranked as one of the top 50 destinations of a lifetime by the National Geographic Traveler. Kumarakom backwaters make for a massive irrigation system of canal-linked lagoons and lakes. Cruising on the Kumarakom backwaters is one of the best ways to explore the water-logged beauty encased in this area. While cruising enjoy a close view of the Gods own country’s panoramic backwaters stretches.

The best time to explore the serene beauty of Kumarakom is indubitably between the months of August and September. At this time of the year this tranquil town play host to the Onam Festival, the National Festival of Kerala. This region comes alive with various dances and high-energy traditional competitions like Snake Boat racing. The locals get engaged in the preparation to welcome and feast the demon king Mahabali , who is believed to spread prosperity and joy amongst the people.

Kerala has different destination for different season and we have customized Kerala tour packages for each of them. If you are planning to visit Kerala in near future, information about best Kerala tourist destinations will help you to explore the one which match your requirements.

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