5 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Booking Houseboat in Alleppey

houseboat mistakes
This is kerala houseboat booking tips for honeymooners and families.Avoid this 5 mistakes while booking alapi houseboat online.
1.Late Check-in
Normal check-in time for a houseboat is 12:00 pm and checkout at 9:00 am. But most of the travellers, especially coming from Munnar or Thekkady region get late to the houseboat and hence they will miss a major part of cruise time. Every houseboat has a cruise time up to 5:30 pm and some boats provide maximum up to 6:00 pm. Due to Govt. regulations houseboats are not allowed for a cruise after that. Hence it will be anchored near to the shore. So the cruise will be limited for late check-in. And the houseboat crew members have a duty for 24hrs, they always try to maintain the timings. So, it will be better to start early to avoid late check-ins.
2. Rate Negotiation
Majority of the guests try to negotiate the rates of the houseboat. Houseboats have a standard rate. When you try to book in a cheap rate, the service will get affected as the operators try to balance the maintenance cost. Cruise time, quality of food and other things might be compromised when a guest tries to negotiate and books the boat below the standard price.
3. Travelling on Peak Holidays.
Most of the guests travel to Alleppy during Christmas, Diwali, Pooja holidays and in the month of May. There will be a price hike of 20 – 80% in the price of houseboats during peak time. Houseboats will be operational throughout the year and the rate will have a huge difference compared to a normal day. So it is better for budget customers or honeymoon couples to travel during the other time.
4. Contacting Houseboat owners directly for houseboat booking.
The operators who have a few boats will not have much online presence. Hence you won’t be able to get any reviews regarding the boat or service. They might offer you a cheap rate to get your booking but might compromise in the service. So it is better to take houseboats through a trusted online agent after checking the reviews hence they always maintain a standard in the service and the boats will be verified. As the reviews from the previous customers matter to them, they will not compromise like direct owners. Alleppeyhouseboatclub.com is the best online platform to book houseboat online. Because we always maintain a standards in service and always monitoring the houseboat quality and maintenance.
Cabs normally booked from Kochi to Alleppey will be charged two way (Kochi – Alleppey – Kochi) even if you are taking it till Alleppey. Hence, guests who are travelling only for houseboats, it is better to book the cab for two days directly. (day 1 – Alleppey drop; day 2 – Kochi drop).

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