DO’s and DON’Ts in Kerala Houseboat


You are in a houseboat with limited facilities and resources. So kindly co-operate with the resources.

Storage capacity of water tank is limited and so please don’t waste water. Use water only when required. Make sure that taps are close after use.

AC will be ON only during night (9 pm to 6am) according to the type of boat. Switch off the light and fan after use.

Soft drinks and tips to the staff and beverages will be extra.

Purchase of any items outside the houseboat is direct payment and we are not responsible for the same.

Check-in time is 12pm and check-out time is 9am for overnight cruise.

Houseboat is movable property, kindly adjust with the time.

There will be a lunch break nearly 1 hour. Total running per day 5:30 hrs.(Avg)

The houseboat will be anchored for night at 5:30 pm, continue next day at 8 am.

Place of anchor will be decided by the boat captain, according to the location, whether and climate.

Keep the houseboat neat and clean. Special care should be taken for children.

Please inform well in advance about your requirements at the boat.

Food preparing in houseboat is in traditional Kerala style. So you should be order to the chief about your requirements.

Fixed menu will be served on board.

Three crew members will be sailing with you. Guide on request, if needed extra charges apply.

Please don’t  damage the property, don’t pollute water, don’t play with any electrical appliances without advise, don’t make the room dirty, If happens it will be chargeable.

Please always use the dustbin, don’t through cloth, sanitary napkins, condoms and other items in to toilet.

Please add a line with your suggestions in the guest report for our improvement.

Kindly co-operate with the crew members so that they can serve you better.


We assure our best service and co-operation always.

Have a great cruise and let the cruise make your day memorable!


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